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A professional online teacher offering a range of tuition services.

· Exam preparation

· Support and guidance with any problems

· Complete support with GCSE Science and A-Level Chemistry

· Access to good reliable Maths tutors and a KS2 tutor.

· Free Exam questions to practice

Just message to see if there is anything else I can support with!

I mainly offer one to one tutorial sessions, but you can let me know if you and up to three friends would benefit from a group session.

I can quickly identify gaps and misconceptions in knowledge once I have made the science clear and easy to understand I will assess the student to build and boost their confidence.



Have you missed any learning during term time? No problem we can help even during the holidays.



For each session, homework will be set (answers provided) these will be carefully selected for the student’s ability and stage. The work set is designed to be challenging and further consolidate the lesson learning.

I also provide free exam questions on this site.

Worksheets, Questions and Answers



Phone – 07581027683

Email – Info@ultimatelearning.co.uk

“Been a great help this year, especially through COVID and helping me so much in Chemistry. I was behind in a lot of stuff, I needed a B to get into foundation Medicine at University, with Ultimate Learning’s help I achieved a grade A in Chemistry A-Level, I can now skip the foundation year in medicine and got straight onto my course. I couldn’t be happier with the great quality of teaching”

Usman - Past Student

The Online Chemistry Tutor 5 Star Rating